Milano Pride is a city-wide party that is open to all, not just the LGBTQIA+ community, and wishes to be socially inclusive. Our Accessibility Project aims at integrating all individuals to contrast prejudice, discrimination, and exclusion due to disability(whether they be physical or intellectual).

Making Pride accessible means offering participation to all and represents an important opportunity for spreading awareness within the community.

In 2022, Milano Pride’s Accessibility Project will include guides for those who have visual or motor impairments, and interpreters for the deaf into LIS (Italian sign language).

To participate, please write to us at:

  • During the parade
  • During Pride Week events


During the parade a volunteer guide will be guaranteed for each registered person with a motor impairment. It will be possible to accompany the parade from an assigned position that will render participation easier. There will also be a meeting point near the main stage that will allow participants to witness the closing speeches from an accessible vantage point.

If required, it will also be possible for the guides to accompany each registered person to one of the following locations, once the event is over:

  • Porta Venezia Metro/train stop
  • The initial meeting point
  • Previously agreed-upon location in case of specific needs (reachable by metro)

Details of this aspect of the service will be decided upon previous to the event, and hours established once a final program is in place.

Registration is possible by writing to us at

As part of registration, we will be asking for personal information such as first and last names, contact details (including a cell phone number), and any specific requests regarding the guide service, including whether or not a guide-dog will be present during the parade.

The deadline for registration is June 14th, 2020.



We guarantee the presence of LIS (Italian Sign Language) interpreters during the ending speeches after the parade and during at least one of the major events during Pride Week.

On the day of the parade, a meeting-point will be established before the parade (in cooperation with the accessibility group for the visually impaired) where information will be made available regarding the positioning of the LIS interpreters and the consequent positioning of those needing interpreters.


Milano Pride will provide a LIS interpretation service during some of the Pride Week events. The events will be made known as they are scheduled.

For information and to register, please write to us at: and putting “Booking LIS” in the subject line and indicating which event you are registering for.

We also guarantee to transcribe and subtitle all videos regarding Milano Pride that will be uploaded on official social media sites.