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get ready,
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pride week june 17th-25th
parade june 24th

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What is Milano Pride

in short

Milano Pride is first and foremost a manifestation of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transexual, asexual, intersexual, and queer pride: an extraordinary celebration of freedom that is made possible by the combined work of pubblic offices, associations, and businesses as well as the participation of thousands of people.

It is organised by the Coordinamento Arcobaleno on the basis of a project made by C.I.G. Arcigay Milano. Milano Pride is part of Onda Pride, which unites all the Italian Prides.

inclusive and participative

Milano Pride takes into account a variety of associations and institutional bodies, not just those tied to the LGBT* community, so as to create a synergistic partnership.


Milano Pride is attentive to and supportive of the rights of other minorities, mindful of how resources are used, and respectful of the city.

economically virtuous

Milano Pride is careful in its use of resources and can support itself thanks to the involvement of local businesses who wish to contribute to and invest in this event.

Join our team!

Volunteer with Pride

Milano Pride could not happen or be successful without the dedicated participation of community volunteers: as a small non-profit organization, Milano Pride would not be able to offer such a diverse series of event and programming, if it weren’t for the incredible commitment of our volunteers from year to year.

the parade

the route

The 2017 Milano Pride route is still under construction…..and coming soon!

Pride 2016

Some numbers

The 2016 Milano Pride was the fourth edition of Pride based on a project that was born in 2013 when Milan was a candidate for Europride 2015. The 2016 Milano Pride counted more than 150,000 people during the parade, approximately 20,00 who participated in Pride Week events, more than 15,000 visitors to Pride Square, and growing visibility on social media (Facebook alone counts approximately 13,000 registered contacts).