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The organisers

Milano Pride was born from a project proposed by the Pride committee of C.I.G. Arcigay Milano and the LGBT association of the Coordinamento Arcobaleno.

Coordinamento Arcobaleno

The Coordinamento Arcobaleno unites LGBT associations, groups and institutions in Milan and its suburbian area. It organises Pride and promotes meetings, activities and events that serve to reinforce human rights policies for LGBT people.

Included in this committee are:

  • Agedo Milano
  • Studenti BESt
  • B.Rain Bicocca Rainbow
  • Associazione Radicale Certi Diritti
  • C.I.G. Arcigay Milano
  • Chiesa Pastafariana Italiana
  • Famiglie Arcobaleno
  • Gaymin Out
  • GayStatale Milano
  • IDEA - Università San Raffaele
  • Le Rose di Gertrude
  • Circolo Culturale TBGL
  • PoliEdro
  • Pride Sport Milano
  • Renzo e Lucio
  • Rete Genitori Rainbow
Centro di Iniziativa Gay (CIG) - Arcigay Milano

This is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1984 to give a voice to gays, lesbians, transexuals and bisexuals and to give support to the LGBT community in Milan, which is the largest in Italy. The CIG is consistently committed to promoting civil rights and the fight against homophobia and any form of discrimination and prejudice.